永不忘記 “Never Forget”

March 2020, linoleum relief print and screen print, 10×10” (per section)

This series makes a statement on the fact that the people of Hong Kong will not be letting the events of the 2019 protests go.

Each section of this piece consists of a linoleum print background, as well as a screen print. Key events of the protests were screen printed, and colour was added to different parts of each print to highlight different events. The screen prints were then cut into the Chinese characters and hand stitched onto the backgrounds.


February 2020, linoleum relief print, 10×10″

“Oceans” is a linoleum print that speaks to Ronnie’s love for the marine world. Water slows everything down. The ocean is calming, and serves as a reminder to go with the flow in stressful moments.

The goal of this piece is to not only remind the audience of the beauty of our natural world, but also to act as a source of comfort.


December 2020, rubber block relief print

“metamorphosis” is a series of 2 prints. The butterfly symbolizes change, transformation, metamorphosis. This piece was intended to reflect a process of coming out of a depression, with the caterpillar starting off in the darkness and slowly being “consumed” by the darkness. The butterfly grows to become light in the darkness, representing the hope a person needs to have within themselves to pull themselves out of that depression, yet the butterfly still carries the experience of the darkness into the light.