the lights will take you home 隨光尋家
— 2024

“Neon signs were not just a part of the backdrop to my childhood, but they also served as guides and landmarks to help me get home.”

— Brian Sze-hang Kwok, Fading Neon Lights: An Archive of Hong Kong’s Visual Culture

“If orientations point us to the future, to what we are moving toward, then they also keep open the possibility of changing directions, of finding other paths, perhaps those that do not clear a common ground, where we can find hope in what goes astray.”

— Sara Ahmed, Orientations: Toward a Queer Phenomenology

the lights will take you home 隨光尋家 is a media art installation piece, with 3D animation projected onto two perpendicular walls, presented with an immersive soundscape. Four panels of ceiling-to-floor tulle are suspended within the installation space, representing the fading and obstruction of memory.

The piece revolves around my personal experience of feeling lost and disoriented. I grew up in Hong Kong until I left for university in the States at the age of 18. I then transferred to the University of British Columbia (Okanagan campus) amidst political turbulence in Hong Kong and a global pandemic. In the span of four years, I had 15 different living spaces. Therefore, “home” for me has changed rapidly in a short period of time. When Hong Kong — the most constant home I’ve had — starts to disintegrate in my mind’s eye, what is home?

the lights will take you home 隨光尋家 is an amalgamation of the many feelings that I’ve had in recent years, feelings that I’ve found difficult to fully articulate. It’s a story about migration, loss, belonging. A love letter, a farewell letter, to Hong Kong. An expression of gratitude for community and the people who have lit my path. An attempt to grapple with graduation. Finally, a reassurance that as long as we follow the light, we will eventually find our ways to new homes.

Capstone project for the University of British Columbia (Okanagan campus) Bachelor of Media Studies program

Exhibited at Context Not Included (April 19-26, 2024)